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About Us

Ollo group of companies is a well known name in Gujarat, India. We are into varied sectors and also have a large focus on imports and exports reaching around the globe. Our team manages all the imports and exports, as well as our reach into the local, and more prominently, the international market. We offer various shipments via Sea Freight as well as Air Freight. We began in 2014 and have grown to have quite a presence in the global market. 

We have been exporting various products including foodgrain, pulses,etc. Additionally, Ollo group is a proud manufacturer of our own brand of roller bearings and cement. We supply these two products in the local market as well as manufacture and export as per requirement.

Our diversified approach into the market makes us a must have partner for many companies and we are proud to be part of a unified culture of business people who strive to take exports from India to the next level.